A Bit About Me XVI

“Many of us quite like the idea of people & plan […] to engage with people, but we find that we are overwhelmed at the point of contact. Some of us stay silent & some of us dominate conversation and some of us drink, but many of us find it a confusing trial. We want to be there, but we hate being there. And we [eschew] contact of any kind in an effort to get a fraction of the energy needed for our next social disaster.

“For years, I apologised or compensated for the resentment I thought was so palpable to others. It was a modest liberation to realise that others felt just as I did & were generally too worried about their own fears to notice mine.

“I imagine that, even within the great moments of history, there were people wishing they were at home with the cat by the fire.”

~ Helen Razer, “Nice Enough”, The Big Issue, No. 473, 5th – 25th December, 2014


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