Which Film am I? III

Released in 2000, I’m the Japanese Hunger Games … just with lots more tomato sauce.

As the classmates take each other out, there’s not a death-scene without a poignant revelation:
“Shuya, <cough, splutter> before I die, I just wanted you to know, <hack> that it was me who sent you that love note back in year four! <death squeak>”
“No! Noriko, don’t die! <wrenching axe from her head> I never had the courage to tell you, but I love you too!”

I feature the word’s worst school teacher, played by Takeshi Kitano (of Zatoichi, the Blind Samurai fame).

Starting with the letter “R” and rhyming with “coy dhal,” I am “Battle R … ?”


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