Which Film am I? I

I feature a god-like race that’s large, uniformly male & conspicuously white. One of them wears robes, another sits on a throne but, disappointingly, none of them has a flowing white beard.

I rehash the old anxiety about machines threatening human superiority or, heavens forbid, out-doing it. But, my, isn’t Michael Fassbender dashing as a morally ambiguous  android!

I offer an intriguing depiction of sibling rivalry. How better to compete with your robot brother than to act like a robot yourself? The sister does such a good job of it, even the other characters aren’t sure she’s human.

I’m simultaneously a proponent of nihilism, existentialism & creationism, with my characters variously proclaiming, “there is nothing,”  “it’s what I choose to believe,” and “they made us; who made them?”

In keeping with the franchise, & inspired by H.R Giger’s artwork, I feature scenes highly suggestive of oral rape.

I cleverly reference Lawrence of Arabia which, in turn, could be mistaken for a Buddhist teaching: “The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

Named after an Ancient Greek titan and starting with the letter P, I am … ?


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